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From our dear customers


Before Raw

Rocky Now

2 Weeks on raw

Rockys story

Many don’t know but one of my dogs (Rocky) was very very sick since 2017, brought him to 3 different Vets, spent more than $5.000.. they prescribed a lot of medication for Rocky and nothing worked.. he actually got worse and worse every time he was on medication.

Last Vet I went asked me if I considered putting him down... because he was suffering so much.. lost a lot of fur and itchy all over... we were so devastated just to think about it.

Until I went to see Isabelle and her Naturaw nutrition products!!!! Honestly she made my day when she told me there was a solution for Rocky.

I was a little bit skeptic about this, but I decided to try it out.. and guess what?? It’s been a month of Turkey and pig diet for Rocky and he’s doing better than ever.. fur is growing so fast, he’s so healthy and handsome!!

I’m so happy I made the right decision about Isabelle and her products!! I definitely recommend people to try it out and see the difference in your dogs.

I hope people get to know this products more and more and we could save more dogs!!

She has excellent prices and she would do everything to try to fit your budget.

Thank you once again Isabelle!!!!

Some pictures of before and after the diet!

"Nearly in tears, defeated, and hopeless I sat down with Isabelle for Charlie's consultation.


It started about 2 years ago. Charlie, then 6yrs old, began having diarrhea frequently, and increasingly in my home while I was away. At first it seemed to be linked to him getting into the garbage and other sources of food not meant for dogs. He had periods where he would seem to be OK, followed by horrible bouts of diarrhea. Within the past 2 years I had taken him to the vet on 3 separate occasions-never getting a diagnosis, simply receiving antibiotics/probiotics and sent on my way. This would work for the duration of treatment but soon after he would become sick again. I tried many different kibbles thinking he had a certain meat allergy-still sick. Finally I began cooking home made meals which he tolerated, but he started becoming aggressive and his scavenging for food became unbearable. I felt I no longer had a relationship with my dog, I was angry at him even though I knew it wasn’t his fault. Nearly everyday I was coming home to garbage’s torn apart, which soon turned into him even trying to eat empty plastic bags and cardboard boxes in dire search of the nutrition he so desired. This of course lead to more diarrhea. Meal prepping for him and myself became too much and his behaviours were out of control. I reached out to a local forum and Naturaw Nutrition by Isabelle was highly recommended. With nothing left to lose I anxiously awaited my consultation.


Isabelle was extremely reassuring that his gut health would improve with a raw diet. It was a rough start and I was very sceptical. At first, he didn’t want to eat the raw food and went on a hunger strike for nearly 3days-I was losing hope once again. Isabelle suggested feeding him the raw food frozen, and to my surprise he finally began to eat! In about 2 weeks time he was no longer having diarrhea, his aggression went away, and his scavenging was ever decreasing! As a loving and devoted pet owner I finally felt like I was providing him with the nutrition he needed to live a long, healthy and happy life!


"My biggest regret- wishing I had made the switch earlier.


Now at 8 years old, Charlie is the happiest and healthiest he has ever been and I have Isabelle to thank for that. I strongly recommend putting all your faith in Isabelle and making the switch! I think it just may have saved his life."


Bruce Story

Meet Bruce a handsome 2 year old pitty.

Bruce started losing hair on his back left leg. It started with a small patch and progressivly got worse over the upcoming months.

He was already on a limited raw diet. It worked well for a while but it eventually no longer agreed with him. Bruces owner has gone over and beyond trying to figure out through vet visits, consulting with me, trying different supplements, etc to try and figure out what was wrong with his dog. The vets had no diagnostic and simply wanted to give him cytopoint.

Bruce became flaky to the point when he shakes hes a snow globe, itchy, smelly, very inflammed and yeasty.

No one knew what to do anymore, not even me.

I could tell he was not just physically sick but slowly became emotionally sick which is to be expected when the body has exhausted itself from fighting for it's own health.

Finally after a conversation with the owner they agreed I could take Bruce to my house so I can help in whichever way I could.

With the right diet, supplement regime and exercise Bruce started to become himself again and regaining his health. 

I had Bruce at my house for 3 and a half weeks, when I saw he started to get progress with his condition, it was time to send him back home. Im so thrilled his progress has continued !!

He is still healing in certain areas but I am floored by his coat and how far this handsome boy has come

True nature healing takes time. Allowing the body to do what it needs to do to re establish balance is so crucial to health and longevity.

- Isabelle Owner Of HoliRaw Nutrition

"Excellent service, very knowledgeable and very professional. We were interresed in the raw food diet for a while but never really knew how to properly do it or where to start. Since we live in Manitoba, Isabelle suggested we connect over the phone. She guided us throught the dos and don'ts, the meal preps, what to buy, the quantities, etc. She was very friendly and able to answer all of our questions.

We are extremely happy with the services provided and our dog is thriving more than ever!! Holiraw definitly is the place to go if you are looking to give your pet a more nutritionnal diet!"

- Fannie


"My Siberian cats are THRIVING on their raw diet...we are one month in and already I see so many improvements. Isabelle is so knowledgeable and helpful. Also, we are saving $$$, win-win! Recommend!"


"Going with HoliRaw was the best decision I ever made for my dogs. My 11 years old King Shepherd has been acting like a young pup ever since the transition and my 7 years old mix German is in heaven.

Highly recommend you switch to RAW & the owner Isabelle is the freakin’ BEST !!!!!!

Cheers to HoliRaw"

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