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Conventional flea and tick meds can impose dangerous negative side effects on our pets. Therefore we wanted to offer pet owners a holistic approach to preventing fleas and ticks, using all natural ingredients.


Our flea and tick spray can be applied before going out for a walk with your dog. Simply give the bottle a good shake,  apply under chin area, behind the ears, chest, armpit, and back end where ticks are more likely to hitch a ride. 

Ingredients: Neem oil, witch hazel, essential oils such as cedarwood, lavender, lemongrass, rosemarry and geranium. 

We use this camping to ward off mosquitos as well. 


Hands & Paws Bug Spray

  • NOT FOR USE IN CATS . Cats cannot process essential oils.

    Not recommended for use in pregnant or lactating pets. 

    FOR DOG USE ONLY. Avoid contact in eyes and mouth. External use ONLY. 

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