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What blends are included?
Farmers (8#)
Turkey  & Beef Tripe (8#)

Chicken (8#)


What's the deal?

24 pounds at 15% off.


Receive this bundle of blends Bi-weekly or Monthly. Select your subscription preference. 


Your order will be delivered to the delivery address provided either Bi-weekly or Monthly, depending on the subscription selected. Delivery will be additional to the price of the Bundle. 


Please note there can be a delay of up to 2 weeks when first signing up for your subscription bundle. Once your order has been placed you will receive notice regarding your delivery date and future Bi-weekly or Monthly Payment and delivery schedule, depending on the subscription selected. 


You will receive a reminder 3 days before your order is expected to be delivered. At this time you will have 24 hours to cancel or make any additions to your order (at an additional cost of the original price of the add-ons requested).


You have the option to cancel your subscription, anytime. 

Farmers Bundle

Price Options
C$95.00every 2 weeks until canceled
C$95.00every month until canceled
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