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Natural Flea & Tick repellent supplement 


Ingredients: Quassia Bark, Neem Leaf, Spirulina, Garlic Powder

<25lbs: 1 tsp
25-75lbs: 1.5 tsp
>75lbs: 2 tsp


* Our 300g jar does not come with proper retail stickers at this time. 

In low risk areas we recommend giving it to your pets for a week every other month. In high risk areas we recommend one week every month. We also recommend doing 10 days for high metabolism pets like puppies/kittens. There is no harm in giving extra as it is not poisonous to mammals, however the blood stream can only absorb so much. 

For more information on flea and tick control please read our blog post Options for Flea and Tick Treatments or our Youtube video:

Outdoor Shield

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