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Unlike traditional allergy testing, the Glacier Peak Pet Intolerance Test uses Biofeedback technology with hair and saliva samples to identify intolerances and sensitivities that could be causing stress to a pet's life. The system can detect over 300 food and environmental factors that could be triggering a pet's allergy-type symptoms. Stressors tend to be more common than true-born allergies. They can change over time, due to overexposure, and even the environment. There are a lot of moving factors when creating a balance in the body. Eliminating triggers is the biggest component, but sometimes there is a need for additional support with holistic remedies. Our test is able to determine which GPH products would or would not be suitable based on their pet's results. We have completed well over 50,000 tests and have received incredible feedback. Our customers reported that after eliminating the stressor items, in conjunction with some of our supplements, they saw significant changes for the better! We strive to help pet parents get to the ROOT of their pet's issues, instead of just addressing the symptoms.

Glacier Peak Holistic Pet Intolerance Scan

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