Raw Feeding Consult

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Isabelle is our certified small animal naturopath and certified in carnivore nutrition. She has helped make the switch to raw made easy for over 500 dogs and cats today. Isabelle takes the time to explain why our pets are made to thrive on a raw diet and makes a meal plan specific to your pets needs. 


Consults are 45-60 minutes long where she will ask you questions about your pets to help her understand their individuals needs. Her goal is to empower you and give you the knowledge necessary so you can feed your pets the diet nature intended them to eat and to give you the confidence necessary to take charge of your own pets health.  We can only do better when we know better. For a limited time, we will be offering a membership program with a 200$ flat annual rate, which includes unlimited consults

To opt-in to this program, start by filling out the form below.

60 min consult - 80$
(45 minute session with a 15 minute follow-up)
unlimited annual consulting - 200$